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Road Tripping takes more than just turn-by-turn directions—Trip Commander gives you waypoints, weather, booking & paying for services and so much more!

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You Will Trip Commander

Trip Commander is an innovative, cutting-edge, yet easy to use road trip planning powerhouse application. Whether you’re convoying with friends and family, or just out for a joyride and enjoying the sites, Trip Commander has what you need.

Premium Quality

Trip Commander was built using the latest technology to make it easy to use & travel with.

Experienced Travelers

Trip Commander was built by travelers for travelers. We give you the features you want because we’ve wanted the same.

Strategic Partnerships

We’ve teamed with top companies you know & trust to provide you the very best in deals and services

  • Waypoints

    Incorporate stops at the places you know and love. Or discover new ones!

  • Auto Waypoints

    Not sure where to stop? No problem! We’ll pre-plot the stops; you pick what you want to do.

  • Tours & Attractions

    Incorporate some fun into your trip and cut the lines. Reserve and pay in advance for moments that turn into the best memories.

  • Services

    You have needs – we’ll give you your options. Plan, pay and be on your way!

  • Weather

    We provide Real-time weather along your route

  • Travel With Friends

    Create teams of your friends and family

  • Cloud Enabled

    Share your itinerary so they can enjoy the trip with you or on their own

  • Geo-Tracking

    Add some extra comfort, with real-time geo-location tracking for everyone included